The listed equipment rental rate is per day of use.

Weekly or Monthly rental rates are also available. Please inquire.


Pick Up and Return

Rentals are picked up & returned between 9am–12noon, Mon–Fri ONLY from our warehouse.

Afterhour pick up/returns can be arranged, but are subject to an additional charge of $100.


Delivery & Pick-Up is available

minimum of $250/each way.


Technical Labour

Available for $80/hr with a minimum 4 hour call

Video Projector Rentals Vancouver

Double Truss Screen Rentals Vancouver

Single Truss Screen Rentals Vancouver

Event Drapery Rentals Vancouver

Monitor and TV Rentals / Plasma TV Rentals Vancouver

Video/PC Switching

Video Playback & Video Camera Rentals Vancouver

Audio Equipment Rentals Vancouver

Computer Equipment Rentals Vancouver

Miscellaneous – Vancouver Generator Rentals, Canopy Rentals & More!